Journalism-About Department

Journalism has a key role for debates, news and demands which are being transferred  from society to public sphere. Journalism updates itself  and meets with new platforms in order to progress technologically and become more significant day by day. Besides being a profession, journalisms needs journalists that are objective, well educated and bound with tight links to ethic principles. Consequently, institutes, journalism schools and universities which include departments have huge responsibilities  for all these necessities
Therefore Department of Journalism that has been found within Faculty of Communication aims to educate for intellectual, creative, productive and confident students who are able to transform theorical data to practice. Whence we has been watched over for our courses feed from many diciplines like philosophy, sociology, political science and economy while we were planing to opening courses


Our mission is to educate students who are able to convert cumulative theorical knowledge to practice. During these procces we pay attetion to how students can be more analytical, respectful to ethical and professinal values. Morever, we are eager to study with our students not only act for common good but also benefiting from communication skills while using techonology actively.



Our vision is to become a department which gives education in the field of national and international journalism. Besides, we are planing to help our students gain specific way of thinking to our students, in that vein we are aiming to help our students evaluate agenda of the World with that specific, analytical and theoretical way of thinking

Employment Areas

Our graduates may follow their career in such a field as audio-visiual and printed media. In vein that alumni may work especially as photo-journalist, journalist, Professional photographer, speaker, compiler, editor, graphic designer, TV news programer, online broadcaster or they may prefer to work in public utilities