Mission and Vision


The mission of our faculty is to train students who have communication skills and who can use these skills in a variety of ways.  It also aims at raising sense of social responsibility among its students , help them gain a critical perspective and evaluate the world events from this point of view. In addition, it aims to have a say in the field of communication studies education, teaching, research and its application to different fields with its innovative academic staff.



Our vision is to train students who are well-qualified and hold ethical values which the media industry is in need of in its unique environment of competition and who are well-educated in public relations, advertising, journalism, radio, television and cinema in international standards and who can keep track of the developments in these fields and disciplines. We also aim at training students who can update their knowledge, share it with the others, possess the ability to conduct research and accurately evaluate on the results of those research. In this regard, our major aim is to become a pioneer among other faculties of communication in the country.